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The U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce / Haitian American Business Expo, Inc. is pleased to announce the 20 finalists for the 2019 Haitian American Young Professional Awards.

The Haitian American Young Professional Awards have been created to honor and recognize young professionals under the age of 45 who continually demonstrate outstanding leadership, exemplary professional accomplishments and commitment to their communities.

The winners will be announced on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at the Haitian American Young Professional Awards Gala and Benefit Dinner at the Lantana in Randolph, MA. The event brings together both young and established professionals for discussions about leadership trends in the Haitian business community.

Please join us on March 16, 2019 as we celebrate the outstanding young professionals in the Haitian community.

The event will be hosted by Brockton City Councilor At-Large, Jean Bradley Derenoncourt and Wanda Tima.

  • Adele Jean

    Test Development Specialist at MA Human Resources Division

  • Anel Bellevue

    Owner of Nouflex, LLC

  • Bianca (Gay) Jordan, ESQ, MBA.

    Attorney/MBA + Owner of Brazen Legal

  • Donald D Alexis

    President of Caribbean Integration Community Development, Inc

  • Francineglide Victoria

    Owner of Rivers of Hope

  • Gabrielle P Abelard, DNP, PMHNP, PMHCNS-BC, RN, BS

    Owner of Abelard Psychotherapy, Inc.

  • Jacqueline Cassagnol, MSN, RN, PhD(c)

    Founder & President of Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

  • Jean Appolon

    Co-founder and Artistic Director of Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE)

  • Jean Bradley Derenoncourt

    Brockton City Councilor

  • Kapedjanie Bois

    Chiropractic Doctor in the state of Rhode Island

  • Marilyn Galiothe

    Executive Director at Strive Survive Succeed

  • Mirangel Pedre, CPA, MAcc

    Internal Auditor at Massachusetts Port Authority

  • Mitchell L Duguerre

    Vice President Banking Center Manager at WebsterBank

  • Noube Rateau

    President, Noube Productions

  • Rebecca R. Obounou

    President and Founder, Communities for Haitian Entrepreneurs and Startups

  • Ruth Georges

    Manager of Engagement & Outreach

  • Shavel’le Olivier

    Youth Director, Co-Chair

  • Vania Andre

    Publisher / Editor in chief at Haitian Times

  • Vonel Lamour

    Owner of WebPrintLab

  • Yveline Alteon

    Founder of Taste of the Caribbean

Adele Jean

Test Development Specialist at MA Human Resources Division

I began my career in state government, since the age of 14, working for
the Human Resources Division. Although it seems rather young, it has always been
instilled in me to work hard because so many before me had sacrificed so much for
me to be able to have certain opportunities, and even to be able to dream big. I
began working as a high school intern for the Civil Service Unit. I learned the
different areas of Civil Service from certifications, test administration, to test
development. Additionally, I started learning the various areas of Human Resources
from Learning and Development, Organizational Development, Diversity and
Inclusion, and the list goes on. During that time, I was also fortunate enough to be
accepted as a John William Ward Fellow, which strengthened my passion to work in
public service.
The John William Warm Public Service Fellowship seeks to teach Boston
Latin School students about the state and local government of Massachusetts and
Boston, inspiring participants to play a more active role in public service and gain
valuable experience in this sector. I worked in the State House, House of Ways and
Means under former State Representative Marie St. Fleur. As a young Haitian-
American woman being able to work under a Haitian woman who had achieved that
level of success, and was committed to serving and uplifting her community was
inspiring. Fourteen years later, I am still committed to public service, working as
a Test Developer for the Civil Service Unit for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
I create, develop, and analyze all public safety exams for the entire state of
Massachusetts. Public Safety exams include the Police Officer exams, Firefighter
exams, and Correction Officer exams from entry level to the chief level. It is
extremely important to me when creating these exams, to work hand in hand with
Chiefs, stay up to date and informed with current policies, in order to create a valid
exam. There are a number of parts to the puzzle.
When I am not working on an examination, I am also the president of the
Cambridge chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I have been a member of this
illustrious organization since the spring of 2011. Our motto is to be community
conscious, action oriented. We are strongly committed to service and the betterment

of the communities we aim to serve. Every year is geared towards scholarship,
service, sisterhood, and finer womanhood. Most specifically, each month I ensure
that we participate in some form of community service geared towards raising
awareness to a particular cause. For example, this year for Prematurity Awareness
month in November, my team and myself created a commercial geared towards
shedding light on the disparities that exist in healthcare for African-American
women. Additionally, currently, we are working on our annual Blu’Tique event in
which we collect clothing throughout the month of February, and organize a free
shopping experience for disadvantaged women and children. Overall, our main goal
is to advocate for the voices silenced in our communities, while shedding light on
the issues that plague our communities.
In conclusion, serving the public in all capacities has always been a passion of
mine. Striving to be the very best version of myself has always been at the forefront,
because I understand the sacrifices that came before me as a Haitian-American
young woman, in order for me to be afforded any opportunity that comes my way. It
is my duty to pay it forward, to continue to work hard, to continue to strive, and to
continue to serve.

Anel Bellevue

Owner of Nouflex, LLC

Anel Bellevue, Founder & CEO of Nouflex LLC and the director of training education at the Longfellow Health Clubs. Anel always had playing sports and being active in his blood. He is passionate about track & field, tennis, soccer, basketball, cross-country, martial arts, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates, skiing, rock climbing, and hiking.

Anel is a Nouflex certified Personal Trainer, a Women’s Fitness Specialist, and a Senior Fitness Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). While earning his B.S. in Exercise Kinesiology at UMass Amherst he specialized in total body makeovers, weight management, injury prevention, fall prevention, corrective exercise, and functional training. Anel believes that fitness is a way of being and a lifelong commitment.
After entering Medical school Anel realized that medicine was not his calling. He decided to connect with people in the preventive phase of health by pursuing a career in fitness and business. After years as a personal trainer working with many clients and other trainers, Anel founded Nufit and now Nouflex LLC. with the intent of bringing changes to the health and fitness industry. With years of training experience, utilizing innovative exercises and dietary instruction, Anel can craft a custom plan to help you reach your goal faster than you might imagine.
The Nouflex training system is simple, with three products areas:
-Home & Personal Use
-Gyms & Studios
-Workshops to certify personal trainers

Anel started his career in fitness primarily serving young professionals, mostly men, but he soon realized the impact he was having and the challenges of training women and the aging. Physical fitness contributes so much to one’s quality of life and well being, yet there isn’t enough fitness equipment that addresses the needs of women and our aging population. Anel was inspired to design and build the Nouflex training system that focuses on techniques for achieving balance and fall prevention, does not require large muscle mass, yet may be used to benefit men and women of all strengths and ages.

Bianca (Gay) Jordan, ESQ, MBA.

Attorney/MBA + Owner of Brazen Legal

Immigration and Business Attorney
• Handle immigration matters involving H-1B visas, asylum, deportation, TPS, employment authorization,
visa denials, advance parole, naturalization, adjustment of status and consular processing, FOIA
requests, and VAWA petitions
• Create and present “Know Your Rights” seminars to inform communities about their legal rights
• Assist entrepreneurs with business formation, contracts, and intellectual property matters

Donald D Alexis

President of Caribbean Integration Community Development, Inc

Donald Alexis is the President and founder of Caribbean Integration Community Development (CICD), an affordable housing and community development organization that focuses on neighborhoods with large Caribbean populations. His mission is to improve the lives of Caribbean-Americans by delivering equitable development that reflects the unique needs and values of this diverse group of people. Donald founded CICD in Mattapan in 2012, with an aim to bring fresh perspectives to community developments and amplify the voice of a group that has been historically neglected.

As an immigrant himself, Donald believes that housing is not a privilege, but a basic human right. His philosophy is community-centric, advocating individual participation in the economic and social conversations that spur real investment and tangible growth. By focusing efforts on stabilizing and revitalizing the working-class immigrant community, Donald has advanced an approach that enables and encourages the disenfranchised to become more involved with the community, transforming city-owned parcels into thriving community assets that attract real investment.

Francineglide Victoria

Owner of Rivers of Hope

Make high-level decisions about policy and strategy.
Develop and implement operational policies and a strategic plan.
Primary spokesperson for the company.
Develop the company’s culture and overall company vision.
Help with recruiting new staff members when necessary.
Create an environment that promotes great performance and positive morale.
Oversee the company’s fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing.
Work with senior stakeholders, chief financial officer, chief information officer, and other executives.
Assure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations.
Work with the executive board to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long term goals.
Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.
Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
Over see day-to-day operation of the company.
Work closely with the human resource department to ensure great hiring.

Gabrielle P Abelard, DNP, PMHNP, PMHCNS-BC, RN, BS

Owner of Abelard Psychotherapy, Inc.

Dr. Gabrielle P Abelard

Gabrielle Abelard DNP, PMHNP, PMHCNS-BC, RN, BSn. Dr. Abelard is an advanced practice nurse with over 21 years of experience in mental health nursing including academia and clinical practice. Additionally, Dr. Abelard consults and provides trainings to hospitals, colleges, and organizations on a variety of topics including suicide awareness, integrative health, team building, restraint reduction, mental health, tele- mental health, and cultural awareness. Dr. Abelard received her Integrative Health Certificate training, Post- Masters and Doctorate degree from Regis College, and received her Bachelors and Master’s degrees from the College of Nursing at UMASS Amherst.

Academia: Dr. Abelard is a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Coordinator for the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Online Program at the UMASS Amherst College of Nursing. Gabrielle was instrumental in the design, creation and implementation of three academic programs: the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree, the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post Master’s Certificate, and the Graduate Complementary Integrative Health Modalities Certificate at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Clinical Practice:  Dr. Abelard is also the director and owner of Abelard Psychotherapy INC, a group psychotherapy practice located in Stoughton, Ma. that serves  diverse clients across the lifespan. Abelard Psychotherapy, Inc. (APA) has been in business since 2007 and is an established and well-respected group psychotherapy practice with over 2500 clients in the South East Region of Massachusetts. Clients consist of individuals across the lifespan with a diversity of professional, cultural, and developmental backgrounds. Practice overview. A dynamic and dedicated team of a psychiatrist, nurse practitioners, psychotherapist, training support specialist, and therapeutic mentors provide client and family centered care with a specialization of treating disorders of behavior, thinking and feeling. The practice provides medication management, individual, and group psychotherapy with a strong focus of integrating wellness to children, adolescents, and adults, in a caring therapeutic environment for clients to work through life’s complexities. Additionally, Abelard has been a provider of In home therapy (IHT) wrap-around services for Massachusetts’ adolescents and children in need and has a multitude of collaborative referring colleagues which include: Colleges, hospitals, and primary practices.  Abelard is also affiliated with Quartet Health an intermediary company between primary care and behavioral health that assist in the referral process while serving as a bridge between primary care and behavioral health practices. Dr. Abelard hopes to launch a second office in the Metro Boston region to serve spring 2019.

Jacqueline Cassagnol, MSN, RN, PhD(c)

Founder & President of Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

An accomplished nursing administrator, educator and professor, Jacqueline Cassagnol received a Master of Science Degree in Nursing Administration, and a Post Master Degree Certificate in Nursing Education from Mercy College. She is currently a PhD in Nursing candidate at Pace University. She is the founder and president of Worldwide Community First Responder (WCFR), Inc. She is also a founding member and past vice-president of the Greater Nanuet Chamber of Commerce, a Rockland Community Emergency Responsive Team (CERT) member, a Leadership Rockland (LR) member, a Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) member, and a Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society of Nursing member. She was elected Nanuet Patch Mayor in August 2018.

As a result of Cassagnol’s experience in preparing for and assisting with victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, she founded WCFR, a non-profit organization, to provide health education, first aid, and disaster-preparedness training. She has presented locally, nationally and internationally at nursing conferences about WCFR and its collaboration with other non-profit organizations to improve global health outcomes. In addition, she has presented at International Research Congress Conferences in China, South Africa, and Ireland regarding health education and disaster preparedness projects that she initiated through WCFR in the United States and Haiti.

Cassagnol has been recognized with numerous distinguished awards for her community services. She was honored as a “rising star” by the Rockland Economic Development Corporation at the organization’s 13th Annual Forty Under 40 Reception. She was also honored as the “safe community” award winner by Volunteer New York at the organization’s 35th Annual Volunteer Spirit Awards Breakfast Benefit; as “nurse of the year” by March of Dimes at the organization’s Fifth Annual Nurse of the Year Gala in New York; and as the “nurse of the year and president’s choice” award winner by HANA of Rockland County, Inc. at the organization’s Seventh Annual Scholarships & Fundraising Awards Gala in New York; and as “founding member” by the Greater Nanuet Chamber of Commerce in New York. She was highlighted in the Spirits of Nurses’ Week by Rockland County Times in May 2017, named Hudson Valley Hero in June 2017, and featured Making an Impact in Rockland by the Journal News in November 2017. Recently, she was nominated and inducted in the New York Academy of Medicine in November 2018.

Jean Appolon

Co-founder and Artistic Director of Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE)

In addition to being the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Jean Appolon Expressions (JAE), Jean Appolon is a successful choreographer and master teacher based in Boston and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Appolon received his earliest training and performance opportunities in Port-au-Prince with the Viviane Gauthier Dance Company and the Folkloric Ballet of Haiti. Appolon continued his dance education in the U.S. at the Harvard and Radcliffe Dance Program (1995-1996, Boston, MA), Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (1996-1998, New York, NY) and the Joffrey American Ballet School (1998-2003, New York, NY), where he  graduated with a B.A. from a joint degree program offered by The New School.

In addition to the companies and schools listed above, Appolon has also performed with Elma Lewis Productions (Black Nativity), Marlene Silva, North Star Ballet Company (Fairbanks, AK), Black Door Dance Company (Miami, FL), and the Atlantic City Ballet Company.

Jean Appolon teaches regularly at Boston Ballet, UMASS Boston and The Dance Complex (Cambridge, MA), among other locations. Beginning in 2006, Appolon conceived and has since directed a free annual summer dance course in Port-au-Prince that serves young, aspiring Haitian dancers who do not have regular access to dance training. Appolon’s vision is to expand the summer course into a year-round dance program based in Port-au-Prince.

Jean Bradley Derenoncourt

Brockton City Councilor

Jean Bradley Derenoncourt, elected Council At-Large in 2017, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and spent his childhood on the Haitian island of La Gonave. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Brockton.

He learned to speak English, before enrolling at Massasoit Community College, where he was a Commonwealth Honors Scholar and earned his Associates Degree and a Certificate in Criminal Justice. In 2015, he received the Green Key Award, the school’s highest honor, for his civic engagement and unselfish service both to Massasoit and to the greater community. He also served as the elected student Trustee at the college.

In 2017 he graduated with Distinction from Suffolk University.

In his short time in the United States, Jean Bradley has done significant public service work for the City of Brockton and the Commonwealth. He worked as an intern for former Mayor Linda Balzotti, and as an intern in the Constituent Services office for former Governor Deval Patrick.

He currently serves as Director of Constituent Services for State Senator Michael D. Brady.

He was instrumental in the campaign for earned sick time for workers in the Commonwealth in his position as Regional Field Director for Raise Up Massachusetts, and is the former Vice President of South Shore Haitians United for Progress (SHUP).
In January, 2018, Jean Bradley was the guest of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to the State of the Union Address in Washington, D.C.

Kapedjanie Bois

Chiropractic Doctor in the state of Rhode Island

Rated as one of the top Chiropractic Doctor in the state of Rhode Island.

Dr. Kapedjanie Bois has completed her professional studies from The University of Bridgeport, where she earned her doctorate in Chiropractic medicine and her master’s degree in Human Clinical Nutrition. She received her bachelors degree from Providence College. She also earned a diplomate from the American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals which makes her very knowledgeable in automobile & slip and fall accidents. She is board certified in physiotherapy. Dr. Bois has worked as a medical claim reviewer for workers compensation for a major health subrogation company in the state of Connecticut.

Marilyn Galiothe

Executive Director at Strive Survive Succeed

Highly accomplished, results-focused finance professional with career and leadership experience in finance, business strategy, operations management, technology development, and state and federal regulatory compliance. Dedicated to leveraging analytics to drive business growth, sustainability, and change management. Particularly effective in roles requiring hands-on leadership style; skilled in coaching and motivating staff to exceed objectives.

Founded successful non-profit organization committed to supporting youth in underserved communities by promoting higher education through scholarships, college tours, and workshops. Manage a diverse team comprising 4 Executive Board Members and 10+ team committee volunteers. Supported an average of 100 students per year through various outreach programs and initiatives. Directed core functions of the organization to drive growth and sustainability, including strategy, finance, business planning and operations infrastructure, board management, fundraising, and program delivery.

Mirangel Pedre, CPA, MAcc

Internal Auditor at Massachusetts Port Authority

Mirangel Pedre is an Internal Auditor at Massachusetts Port Authority

Mitchell L Duguerre

Vice President Banking Center Manager at WebsterBank

Noube Rateau

President, Noube Productions

My mission is to give a voice to the voiceless by tackling key social issues and provide broad range of perspectives in order to educate our viewers as well as inspire them to work towards finding solutions to these complex issues.

My Emmy nominated production company has produced four consecutive award winning documentaries gaining national attention. Past documentaries shed light on issues such as fatherhood, inner city sports, drug addiction, guns, and police relations.

During the day I use my experience in the private sector to teach students at a vocational school on how to use media to their advantage and provide them the skills for a television career after high school.

Rebecca R. Obounou

President and Founder, Communities for Haitian Entrepreneurs and Startups

Accomplished professional with over ten years of experience in nonprofit management, business development, logistics, products sourcing and sales. Strong leadership, interpersonal, problem resolution, analytical and operational skills. Recognized for being a strategic thinker who provides critical contributions throughout all stages of project life cycles from planning to execution.

Rebecca is the founder and leader of CHES. CHES is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization founded in June 2008 based in Massachusetts. The organization is mainly comprised of dedicated volunteers, which include a number of Haitian and Haitian-American business professionals. CHES supports entrepreneurs in rural Haiti through education, funds, and mentorship. Rebecca is an American born Haitian-American who lived in rural Haiti during her adolescence. Her time in Haiti ultimately inspired her to found CHES. Rebecca holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Bentley University. Her career path includes corporate retail, real estate and product sales, and hospitality. She currently works at Babson College as Assistant Director of the Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship. Rebecca is also a MBA candidate at Babson College May 2017.

Ruth Georges

Manager of Engagement & Outreach

Ruth Georges attended the University of South Florida and double majored in Interdisciplinary Social Science with a concentration in Africana Studies & Psychology and a second degree in Women & Gender Studies. Since Ruth was young, she formulated a natural desire to serve her community and that commitment transcended through extracurricular activities. Through her feminist-womanist passion to serve, Ruth Co. founded a women organization on March 2nd, 2008. Fanm Kreyol. Inc, whose mission is to empower Haitian women at local state colleges and universities now has over three chapters and 90 plus lifelong members.

Ruth has managed several state and local non-profit organizations and through civic engagement has learned the importance of community organizing. In 2015, Ruth attained a Graduate Certificate in Gender, Leadership & Public Policy from the Center of Women in Politics & Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston. As a graduate of this program, Ruth was named a PolyLogan Scholar, elected as one of the class representatives and awarded for her outstanding leadership in public service.

Since successfully completing her program, Ruth has served on the Women’s International Day Committee served as Mayor Walsh’s Mattapan & Dorchester and Haitian Liaison for the city of Boston. In this venture, Ruth pursued her passion for public service and worked to connect residents with city services and increase civic engagement in district 4 & 5. Currently, Ruth serves as Manager of Engagement and Outreach for the City of Boston’s Department of Youth Engagement and Employment, a Board member of the Carribean American Carnival Association of Boston, a committee member for the Women of the NAACP and is Chairwoman for Fanm Kreyol, Inc Board of Directors. Ruth truly believes ” Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” and works daily to serves those who simply need the space to shine and flourish within their own capacity.

Shavel’le Olivier

Youth Director, Co-Chair

Shavel’le holds a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management.
Shavel’le has been instrumental in the Mattapan community when it comes to the youth population and bicycling. Shavel’le is currently the Youth Program Director for Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition, overseeing the Youth Coordinator and 10 Vigorous Youth. The greatest thing about this is she does this all on a voluntary basis.

Shavel’le is responsible for bringing back the Vigorous Youth wing of MFFC. The Vigorous Youth are important in Mattapan as MFFC is the only organization that focuses on food and physical activity and have youth who do the same. Shavel’le uses her skills to write grants and apply to the City of Boston employment programs to make sure our youth have jobs (year round) so they can continue to impact their community in a healthy way. Some of the youth use this money to support their families. She also makes sure the coalition as whole keeps writing by applying to grants and creating wider networks.

Shavel’le gives youth the opportunity to be in leadership and make their voices heard throughout the community. She is the co-founder of Mattapan on Wheels (2011) –a youth of colour-led cycling event created to bring awareness to the city that Mattapan residents do bike, expose residents to an alternative way of physical activity and transportation, and to help youth develop their leadership skills. At this event, the Vigorous Youth lead 165+ residents from all over Boston (ranging from 8 miles to 25 miles), staff the registration table, and MC the event. It is the only event led by youth of colour and has put Mattapan on the map when it comes to cycling. This event is critical for the Vigorous Youth as it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment that they could plan and implement such a note-worthy event. Other youth-led projects the youth lead are the Mattapan Farm Stand located in front of the Mattapan Community Health Center, Open Mic Night on Edgewater Drive, and the in-progress Mattapan Basic Bike Repair Workshops. They also assist with the community’s Mattapan Square Farmers Market which serves a majority of Haitian residents.

In addition to the skills Shavel’le is able to help the youth develop, Shavel’le raises money to give them invaluable experiences. Those experiences include getting on an airplane for the first time, going to conferences out of state, and meeting elected officials, community leaders, and etc to expand their networks. One youth in particular had an interest in culinary arts and that interest expanded after taking a 5-week Mattapan Flavors Cooking class. After taking the class, she connected with Ms. Fulani Haynes from Haley House and was able to experience catering jobs. She now uses the experience with MFFC and Haley House at her internship in Roxbury prepping food. She hopes to gain enough skills there to start assisting with cooking food.

Shavel’le creates family when interacting with youth. She understands that in order for youth to remain engaged one has to create a safe environment for young people to be themselves. She is able to create the boundaries needed and create strong bonds between her and the youth she serves.

When not volunteering with MFFC, Shavel’le is obtaining her Master of Science in Nonprofit Management with a focus on Organizational Communications. She also works full time at Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center. Although what Shavel’le does is not specifically business related, she is helping to keep a much need organization/business in the Mattapan community alive when it comes to the health of Mattapan.

Vania Andre

Publisher / Editor in chief at Haitian Times

I’m a first-generation Haitian American media professional, born and raised in New York. I have a background in marketing, public relations, and journalism, and have covered the Haitian community for almost 10 years. I’ve also held positions in print, online and broadcast journalism, including NBC and ABC News, where I worked on investigative stories.

As editor in chief of the Haitian Times, and now also publisher, of one of the oldest publications in the Haitian community and the leading media outlet covering the Haitian Diaspora in the U.S., I’m tasked with overseeing the editorial direction of the publication and facilitating key partnerships with community leaders and groups. Under my leadership the publication’s readership and revenue has tripled.

While I wear many hats (marketing, business development, accounting to name a few) in my role as publisher and editor in chief of the Haitian Times; however, the role that I’m the proudest of is that of storyteller. It’s vital that we capture what’s going on in our community, from our perspective. The most important job I have is taking the facts and content of an article and making sure that our readers are given not only the right context and background they need to understand what’s taking place, but that they are also presented with a story, a human voice and tactile connection to the special issues of the Haitian community.

In April 2016, I received the Excellence in Journalism award from the Society for Haitian Research and was named one of 40 Under 40 by the Star Network.

As an active member of New York’s Haitian political and nonprofit community, I’m often asked to sit on or moderate panels on issues critical to Haitian and immigrant communities. In April 2016, I moderated the Reporting In Times of Crisis: Telling Migrant Tales through Creative Storytelling panel during the 7th United Nations Alliance of Civilizations forum in Baku, Azerbaijan. I’ve also appeared on MSNBC, BBC and WNYC, where I’ve given insight and commentary on issues relevant to the Haitian enclaves across the country.

Vonel Lamour

Owner of WebPrintLab

I am a talented and accomplished Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Analyst who is experienced in operations, financial, technical, transformation management and other areas. I have more than 10 years of relative experience, and now I am honor to have my skills and talents recognized by the community that I serve.

My knowledge of strategic planning and business analysis within the Haitian community in Boston and at large, together with my ability to produce accurate and reproducible results, makes me a perfect choice. I am adept at designing and implementing business procedures in disciplines such as: online presence management, systems evaluation, client relations and program conception and execution. My experience as a Marketing Specialist includes comprehensive knowledge of client’s business economics and marketing channels, including the evaluation of novel targets for the design of action plans, while ascertaining and sustaining required budgetary restrictions
and the optimization of project success. Furthermore, my technical acumen plays a significant role in implementing the best marketing practices, ensuring that businesses convey the right impression to their customers while enhancing their reach and maximum visibility.

In addition to my extensive experience, and proficiency in computer skills, which includes MS Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and more, I have exceptional troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair skills necessary for the progression of mechanical stability and dependence. As a creative problem solver able to analyze business processes and technology issues, I am comfortable engaging executives and developing personal relationships with clients and able to naturally empathize with their needs. I am skilled to train and supervise employees, support teams and lead projects, and offer creative, practical guidance while working in a team environment.

Yveline Alteon

Founder of Taste of the Caribbean

For most of you, she is known simply as the daughter of the pioneer Yvon Alteon, CEO of Tele Diaspora. A businesswoman in her own right, Yveline’s passion for business has shown in her life’s work and continues to evolve today.

Yveline’s first business “All Star Productions” started while still in college. After graduating college with a BA in Business Management and Finance, she went on to co-owning her own restaurant. She once was in the spotlight, hosting her own TV show called “Today’s Followers R Tomorrows Leaders” educating young minded alike and professional workshops within her community.

Despite her ever hectic schedule, Yveline still managed to find time to travel on missionary trips. Her most recent trip to Thailand with Habitat for Humanity, awakened her true calling, nursing. She went on to create a nonprofit organization after her daughter called “Abby’s Hope”. It is through “Abby’s Hope” where Yveline, along with her team, are able to care for over 80 children in Haiti. The organization provides healthcare as well as both nutrition and school tuition assistance.

After a decade of experience in the finance industry, Yveline decided to pursue her passion full throttle. She obtained her nursing degree, graduating from Simmons College with her BSN. As well as being an activist in her community, hoping to elevate the youth as our future leaders. Yveline, now founder of “Taste of the Caribbean Boston”, created the event to help fund scholarships to benefit students within the community that are pursuing a career.

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