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The Haitian American Young Professional Awards have been created to honor and recognize young professionals under the age of 45 who continually demonstrate outstanding leadership, exemplary professional accomplishments and commitment to their communities.


  • Bianca (Gay) Jordan, ESQ, MBA.

    Attorney/MBA + Owner of Brazen Legal

  • Dr. Hermanie Pierre

    CEO at Haiti International Pageant

  • Evenold Guillomaitre

    Founder and CEO of Eflow Fashion

  • Fabienne Eliacin

    CPLAN Pod Assistant / Boston Spedpac Board Member

  • Francois Exilhomme

    Owner of National Diversity College Fairs

  • Gerly Adrien

    Everett City Councilor At-Large

  • Guerlince Semerzier

    Managing Partner at Guerlince LLC

  • Harold Roy

    Founder & CEO of EPECARE

  • Kandley Val

    Dean of Enrollment at Roxbury Community College

  • Karleen Porcena, MBA

    Vice President Relationship Manager, My Banker at Berkshire Bank.

  • Legrand G. Lindor, Esq., MBA

    Founder of Caribbean Apparel

  • Leon David

    Legislative Director

  • Malaika Lucien

    Director of Communications

  • Mirline Fourron

    Founder and host of Sante Pam TV show

  • Peggy Enayo

    Recruitment Operations Manager

  • Presner Nelson

    CEO at PN Transportation LLC

  • Rebeka Gabriel

    Founder and CEO of Styllistik

  • Sandra Florvella

    CEO and founder of Haitian-Businesses.com

  • Sandra Garcon, LICSW, MSW

    ​Founder and Psychotherapist

  • Shaina Gilbert

    Executive Director at Empowering Through Education Camp

  • Stanley Bois

    Founder and CEO of Hot IN RI inc

  • Stephanie Voltaire, MPH, CHES

    Public Health Professional and Entrepreneur

  • Vanessa Jean

    Principal and Founder of Powered Consulting

  • Wanda Tima-Gilles

    Co-Founder of The Haitian-American

  • Winston Pierre

    Diversity Programs and Outreach Director

Bianca (Gay) Jordan, ESQ, MBA.

Attorney/MBA + Owner of Brazen Legal

Immigration and Business Attorney
• Handle immigration matters involving H-1B visas, asylum, deportation, TPS, employment authorization,
visa denials, advance parole, naturalization, adjustment of status and consular processing, FOIA
requests, and VAWA petitions
• Create and present “Know Your Rights” seminars to inform communities about their legal rights
• Assist entrepreneurs with business formation, contracts, and intellectual property matters

Dr. Hermanie Pierre

CEO at Haiti International Pageant

Dr. Hermanie Pierre is best known as a philanthropist, a savvy real estate investor, social media content influencer, and a professional International keynote Speaker. Most remember Hermanie as a public figure for her famous role in the entertainment industry as Miss Haiti International, a title she won in 2012 while also earning Miss Congeniality in the Miss International Pageant the same year.

Hermanie turned her marvelous beauty queen crown into a multi pageant franchises owner and director. As of today Hermanie owns 20 franchises ages from 6 months old till 56 years old. Hermanie has been trained in a range of modalities from producing entertainment shows to creating educational content for women that vow to leave legacy behind though their platforms that make a difference in the world.

Hermanie is one of the few female engineer in construction where she works on Multi-Millions dollars’ projects in various states. Through her dedications to the community, Hermanie was named one of the Top 20 Most Influential Leaders by Arkansas Business. The same state she is the president of National Society of Black Engineer Alumni Chapter and a Former Governor Area for Toastmaster.

Hermanie has now made it her goal to help the public by providing better safety road project environment for the people to live, work and sleep in peace. After Hermanie bought her first home ($250,000) at 20 years old. she realized she can help other families. Hermanie believe every famillies deserve a roof over their heads, that is why she became a real estate investor to help families gain access to home ownership. Today she own a multi millions portfolio in realestate.

Last but not least, Hermanie is an international chaplain. She believe by helping, motivate and inspire others will also elevate her.

Hermanie’s advice to every young woman she meet. “ Believe that you are an asset and not let anyone make you feel you are a liability”

Evenold Guillomaitre

Founder and CEO of Eflow Fashion

Mr. Evenold (aka Evenflow) Guillomaitre has earned his MBA from NYU and speaks many different languages: English, French, Haitian Creole, Igbo, and Spanish. Obtained a certificate at MIT Sloan Executive Management in 2018. Evenflow was recognized as most successful entrepreneur of 2009-2011 by “Stanford’s Who’s Who” and believes that “if you want to be lifted, you must lift someone else first.” The foundations of his success are based in creative thinking, A highly creative individual, he was recognized as most successful entrepreneur of 2009-2011 by Stanford’s Who’s Who. Also a fashion designer (“Eflowfashions”), he is a movie producer and actor. As CEO of G management Group LLC, he represents many talented individuals in the entertainment world. G management has been a significant contributor to the African film industry. In 2014 he was one of the pioneering coordinating directors of the, “Queen of African Pageant”. In 2014 he also established the liaison between Haitian and African cinema. An entrepreneur, currently owns two beauty salons in the commonwealth of Ma. He also produced many projects throughout Africa, including the 5 times awarded film, “One Night in Vegas”, with Koby Maxwell; as well as, “Enormity”, by Chris Oneyka, and many more. In 2017 he was awarded by the Ghanaian Movie/Music organization as the most influential entertainment personality. Board member of Hyde Park Board of Trade. Member of Haitian American Chamber. Mr. Evenflow believes that if you want to be lifted, you must lift someone else first. He attributes his success in maintaining higher levels of creative thinking, humility, leadership, courage, and faith in his personal empowerment to this philosophy.

Fabienne Eliacin

CPLAN Pod Assistant / Boston Spedpac Board Member

As a Learning Pod Assistant with CPLAN (Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network), Fabienne is responsible for working with families by oversee students for remote learning to support their needs.  She also runs an infinity group to educate parents in Boston on Dyslexia and advocacy.  She is a member of the board for Boston SpedPac, an advisor for B-Safe, A member for Decoding Dyslexia – MA, a stakeholder for EDCO on the Improvement MA IEP Project, she is the Troop Leader for Girl Scouts 82487 in Roxbury and the Director of Communication for Boston Mothers Care.

Previously, Fabienne was the Environment Services Coordinator at the InterContinental Boston.  She brought her fuel to educate others in different capacities about recycle and global warming.  She received many awards from the city and states about her work in the environment.

Fabienne graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and Hospitality from Becker College, she has a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Tufts University and the Institute for Nonprofit Practice.

Fabienne was a Boston Neighborhood Fellow with The Boston Foundation, which she continues to be involve as a capacity of grant review for Open Door Grants with the foundation for the past two years.

Fabienne works in all different levels to bring politicians, educators, parents, students and policy makers together to change the conversation when it comes to bring services and resources to the most vulnerable in the community.

Fabienne is motivated by her desire to build a better world for her daughter and people around her. She understands for the neighborhood to thrive, residents, teachers, parents, students and the school system must take responsibility for the overall well being of the neighborhood.  Her work demonstrates a deeply held belief that every person regardless of their background, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic can make a difference in their community.  Fabienne is a leader and an organizer who puts her words and commitment into action.  Her optimism and perseverance inspire hundreds of others in the community to continue working together to build this vibrant, diverse world we all deserve.

Francois Exilhomme

Owner of National Diversity College Fairs

Francois Exilhomme is a results-orientated motivated professional and entrepreneur with over 15-years of experience in higher education around strategic recruitment, admissions, financial aid and marketing. He is also the CEO/Founder of National Diversity College Fairs (NDCF), a nonprofit with the goal of helping under-represented high school and college students in their college selection process by putting on college fairs. Francois decided to start NDCF after years of being overlooked for promotional opportunities because he didn’t have his graduate degree. Being a first generation individual and student, he didn’t understand why additional degrees and certifications are necessary even after obtaining an undergraduate degree. This was when he realized the importance of having a graduate degree in the workforce.

Another reason why Francois started NDCF was because he noticed the lack of diversity in graduate student programs while working in admissions at graduate schools and traveling across the country to attend recruitment fairs. His goal with NDCF is to educate and inspire all people, especially first generation and under-represented students, to think about a career, not just a job, and get the education and degrees necessary to reach their full potential.

Outside of his significant nonprofit work, Francois enjoys going on vacations with his wife and kids and teaching Jiu Jitsu at his studio, New Vision Academy of Jiu Jitsu in the Norwood, Massachusetts area.

Gerly Adrien

Everett City Councilor At-Large

Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett. She won on Tuesday, November 5, 2020 with landing in the number #1 spot, beating out two incumbents.

Gerly is compassionate about people and passionate about service. Gerly knows that fighting for fairness means ensuring individuals and families have access to the resources they need to have a better life. She wants to continue the fight to improve education, economic development and quality of life for the people of Everett.

The oldest child of parents born in Haiti, Gerly moved to Everett in 1993 when she was 4 years old. Gerly’s parents instilled in her and her two brothers the importance of serving others, and she has carried that value with her wherever she has gone in life.

Guerlince Semerzier

Managing Partner at Guerlince LLC

GUERLINCE is a nonprofit organization development consultant, executive coach, speaker with over twenty years of executive and project management experience in various sectors. He has worked for several companies including Tufts University, Cambridge Health Alliance, State of Massachusetts, Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, and Massachusetts General Hospital. He also advised and consulted with several businesses and organizations: Haiti Ventures, Yondernet Media Group, Roman Kreyól, US Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, EPECARE Inc., Somerville Haitian Coalition, and Together for Better Future Inc.

Guerlince has been a guest lecturer, presenter, and panelist at numerous conferences, high schools, colleges/universities, churches, and companies. He wrote several magazine articles regarding the Haitian Diaspora community, and he’s been featured in many different news programs, such as NPR, Voice of America, WGBH, Boston Haitian Reporter, WBZ News, FOX25 News, and New England Cable News.
He is the founder and executive director of Enfome Inc. (www.enfome. org), a collaborative social impact Haitian-American 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in the Boston metropolitan area. He conducts international sustainable project development and nonprofit organization development training workshops for various grassroots community organizations in the U.S. and Haiti.
Guerlince has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Salem State University. He is a 2011 graduate fellow of the Tufts University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). He is also a 2017 graduate of Institute for Nonprofit Practice, (Tufts University/Tisch College). For more information about Guerlince please visit his website at www.guerlince.com.

Harold Roy

Founder & CEO of EPECARE

Harold is a co-founder and Director of EPECARE. He currently works as a Special State Police Officer at Massachusetts General Hospital and is an instructor for Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB), Workplace Violence, Basic First Aid, Stop the Bleed and CPR. Harold was visiting family in Haiti when the catastrophic earthquake occurred in 2010. This unfortunate experience is what sparked his newfound passion in working to help rebuild the country. Through Mass General, he was awarded the Thomas F. Durant Fellowship in Refugee Medicine, which allowed him to return to Haiti in 2011. During his time in Haiti, Harold worked as a Security Advisor for the American Refugee Committee in 2011, and as a Security Consultant for Partners in Health at Mirebalais University teaching Hospital in 2012.

Since the creation and the development of EPECARE Inc, Harold and his team has trained close to 8,000 Haitian community members in basic first aid, disaster preparedness and pre-hospital care. In 2019 his team has deployed to Costa Rica to provide similar training and in partnership with Project Hope; has deployed to the Bahamas, in the wake of Huricane Dorian, to provide basic first aid training to the haitian immigrant population.

Harold, a first generation Haitian-American, graduated from Plymouth State University in 2005 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an Associate’s Degree in French. He obtained his MHA from Cambridge College in 2010.

Kandley Val

Dean of Enrollment at Roxbury Community College

My name is Kandley Val, Dean of Enrollment at Roxbury Community College. I have worked in Higher Ed for the last 10yrs, first starting out at Regis College in Weston, Ma. I came to RCC in Dec. of 2018 as a counselor and I am proud to now say I am on my 3rd promotion in less than 9 months. I have spent the last 4 years researching multicultural recruitment and retention. I am thoroughly engaged in researching methods that improve engagement and positive interactions between marginalized students and educators. I serve as the overseer of male mentoring program based here in Roxbury, called the Brotherhood. I am also the proud son of Haitian Immigrant, Simone Adolphe. Born in 1989, I was raised in the Dorchester section of Boston while attending St. Kevin’s middle school before heading off to Cathedral Highschool where I graduated Valedictorian in 2007. I received my bachelors as well as Master’s degree from Regis College in Weston, Ma. I pride myself on being a champion for education and being a resource to our students in the Margin.

Karleen Porcena, MBA

Vice President Relationship Manager, My Banker at Berkshire Bank.

With over 10 years of comprehensive community development experience within the Greater Boston area, Karleen Porcena aims to create innovative strategies and partnerships to move the dial on the racial wealth gap.

As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, Karleen uses her unique lived experience coupled with professional experience to build comprehensive solutions to economic disparities. In her newest role as Vice President, Relationship Manager (My Banker) for Berkshire Bank, Karleen will be responsible for cultivating new banking opportunities and developing strategic relationships through the creation of the ReevX Labs, a free co-working space located in the heart of Nubian Square. Karleen will also serve in various community engagement activities alongside local non-profits, faith based institutions, and small businesses while in this role.

In her previous role as the Senior Program Officer for Economic Opportunity at the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), the nation’s largest community development organization, she challenged her peers to keep the focus of their work anchored around the people and systems we aim to impact. Karleen oversaw all economic development strategies at LISC Boston, including asset building, entrepreneurship, and neighborhood economic development activities. As the previous Massachusetts Kiva Advisor, Karleen ensured that entrepreneurs with barriers to accessing loans through traditional financial institutions were able to receive the investment they need for their business to thrive.

Karleen is passionate about building bridges between people, communities, and networks with intentions to have an equal playing field for all. She brings to her work a wide variety of relationships with community organizations, business and resident leaders, elected officials, as well as faith based institutions. She is a strong communicator, and has a unique ability to tell stories that resonate. Outside of the office Karleen has sat on a number of non-profit boards including Madison Park Community Development, Board of Trustees at The Food Project, Advisory board member for the Mattapan Boys and Girls Club and many others.

Karleen received her MBA at Babson College in Wellesley, Ma and holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Politics and Spanish from Clark University in Worcester, MA. When she isn’t working, you can find Karleen playing volleyball, traveling or getting comments on her amateur chef pages on social media.

Legrand G. Lindor, Esq., MBA

Founder of Caribbean Apparel

Born in Boston of Haitian parents, Lindor graduated with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Real Estate Investments/Development from The George Washington University before receiving his Juris Doctor and a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Connecticut.

Legrand Gandhi Lindor is a licensed attorney, Chief Operation Officer for RTD Logistics a comprehensive express delivery and logistics solutions provider.  Legrand also founded CARIBBEAN APPAREL while in law school.

CARIBBEAN APPAREL™ is the premier retail Caribbean clothing brand that caters to many different countries and styles.  CA emphasizes their line on high quality materials that express the pride of cultures.  CA can be seen as on many celebrities from the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America.  Our marquee product is the Unity Jacket which has the high quality embroidered flag and the country name on the back.  CA has expanded to tshirts, hats, hoodies and many other products.
CA also custom manufacturers for others including screen printing, headwear production, embroidery and full service manufacturing.  We currently operate a small factory in Haiti where we produce for a US client their products (LMI Textiles).  Contact Us for your custom needs.
CA is currently working to expand their collection to a new athleisure brand CASPORTIF that will cater to men and women.  Stay tuned!!!

Leon David

Legislative Director

Leon David has served in State Representative Cullinane’s office since 2013. He is now served as the Legislative Director and handles all legislative and budgetary matters for the office. Mr. David also handles Representative Cullinane’s increased committee responsibilities and work resulting from Representative Cullinane promotion in House Leadership to the position of Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing.

Malaika Lucien

Director of Communications

Malaika Lucien is an incredible human being, colleague, and Haitian American Young Professional. As the daughter of Haitian immigrants that settled in Mattapan and Hyde Park in the early ’80s, Malaika grew up in Hingham, MA and has returned to Boston after attending Loyola University in New Orleans.

Dedicated to building a better Boston for everyone, Malaika joined the Office of Boston At-Large City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George to advocate for some of Boston’s most vulnerable and most often ignored: our students, our families and residents who are struggling with mental health issues, addiction, and/or housing instability. Malaika has been critical to this office’s capacity to get the word out about our work, the lived realities of so many Bostonians, and the systemic deficiencies that make it harder for folks who are struggling in this city.

Despite the demanding hours and workload of this office, Malaika always has time for residents of Boston. She also makes time for her whole family and many friends, and for championing the Haitian community. Her community ties led to the Boston City Council issuing official Resolutions honoring the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts at the Still Arts Rise exhibit at Boston City Hall and honoring the work and dedication of Franck Toussaint. Malaika has participated in the Haitian Unity Parades for many years, sang at the Annual Haitian Independence Day Gala in Massachusetts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UOIJ-6iaVE), and, as a teenager, participated in many benefit events after the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

Malaika is a kind, talented, and brilliant public servant with a bright career ahead of her. With aspirations to go to law school and to become a judge, Malaika embodies the best qualities of her generation as a current and future leader.

Mirline Fourron

Founder and host of Sante Pam TV show

Mirline Fourron is the founder and host of Sante Pam TV show. It’s the first health and nutrition show in creole to educate the Haitian community about the prevention/management of many health conditions through the practice of healthy eating and the promotion of physical activity.

She is a licensed Registered Dietitian.She studied nutrition and dietetics for four years. She received her Masters and Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of North Florida. She is currently a Doctorate candidate at A.T.Still University. She is Fluent in French, Haitian Creole, and English. She is professionally affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American College of Healthcare Executives. She holds several certifications including ServSafe, Feeding infants specialist, Feeding toddlers specialist, Breastfeeding specialist. She has primarily worked in community setting where she has helped developed several nutrition programs such as the “8 Weeks to Healthy Living” at Baptist Health Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. She has served as the nutrition expert for JE magazine where she got to address nutrition concerns in the Haitian community in Jacksonville, Fl. She has supported the American breast cancer association by developing and teaching the Jacksonville African American community about the prevention of breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. Her dedication to the field of nutrition stems from her passion to provide and educate her own Haitian community on the relationship between good health and food choice practices specifically for those struggling with diabetes. One of her long-term goal is to be able to shape healthcare system in Haiti by supporting and developing nutritional wellness programs for hospital and clinics in Haiti. Another goal is to build a nonprofit organization in South Florida that will focus on teaching the Haitian community about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity. She was honored as the 2019 League of Legendary Women presented by 101.5 LITE FM and Memorial healthcare System.

Peggy Enayo

Recruitment Operations Manager

Peggy Enayo is a Human Resources Recruiter at Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA. At Encore, Peggy helped employ more than 5,000 team members in less than a year. As a Recruiter for Boston’s most anticipated project in 2019, her main responsibilities include hiring top talent, organizing hiring events and providing life changing opportunities to local residents. Her impact has increased household incomes and overall personal well being in the Greater Boston Community. Prior to working at Encore, Peggy was a Career Advisor at a non-profit organization in Charlestown, MA. In that role, Peggy served as a liaison to the community and worked to employ nearly 3,000 residents. As an Advisor, she also assisted residents with college admission applications to 4-year universities, employment barriers and career readiness skills.

Peggy graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Psychology and Communication Studies in 2016. Peggy is leading the way for young people of color under 30. She is extremely dedicated, resilient and is known for elevating others in any way possible.

Presner Nelson

CEO at PN Transportation LLC

In 2014 a dream was made reality. PN Transportation LLC CEO Presner Nelson was born the miracle child of Marie Elizabeth Nelson on September 15, 1978 in the city of Aux Cayes, Haiti. Presner is called the miracle child because he was proclaimed medically dead after birth and on the way to the morgue, he shook himself and came to life. His arrival to America 20 years ago to pursue his dreams of studying business was accompanied by only a white T-Shirt and Khaki pants which he still owns. When asked why he stated, “You have to remember where you started, to appreciate every accomplishment”.

The first month in America was tough for Presner who slept on a couch in a hallway of a packed dwelling. Not one to give up on his entrepreneurial dream, Presner said to himself, “I cannot live this life!” He enrolled into Bunker Hill Community College to learn English. A friend then told him about a possible job at Mass General. With no prior US work history, knowing limited English, Presner negotiated his way into the position making $8.00/hr. Within two months of being hired he successfully learned his job and was speaking English. Upon noticing his hard work ethic and willingness to grow his boss gave him a promotion.

Seeing his natural ability to negotiate and advance in business he again applied to school and upon graduating Presner became an employee at IBM. Not happy with still working for someone else he started working a night job driving for Uber. Seeing independence in his future he bought a black livery car, it allowed him to realize the opportunity to begin a company and in 2014 a dream was made reality, PN Transportation LLC was born. Presner stopped working as an Uber driver and started transporting students as a 7D School Pupil Driver. One vehicle has turned into a fleet of over 60 vehicles servicing passengers for livery, wheelchair van, School Pupil, charter and shuttle/transit in Northern and Southern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. 2020 brings with it plans for further expansion into Western Massachusetts, other New England states and North East Territories.

Working alongside his co-owner and twin brother Presly Nelson the future looks promising and great starting with a partnership for hosting Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology interns and automotive department students to bring community, education and the introduction of the next generation of transportation employees, managers and entrepreneurs to light.

Rebeka Gabriel

Founder and CEO of Styllistik

My name is Rebeka Gabriel and I am a product of two hard working Haitian immigrant parents. I am the fourth child out of five in my family and I am the third person in my family to earn a college degree. I am also second in my family to earn a dual degree. I am currently a 31-year-old Curry College graduate and it has been a long road to get to this point. I am glad to have attained a degree in one of my many passion, Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, but before this journey my first love was hair.
I remember getting a “kid sister” doll for Christmas when I was 7-years- old and everyday after school my “kid sister” had a new hair style. As I got older, I began doing styles and protective hair styles on myself. Before I knew it, I was that girl braiding and curling hair with a battery operated curling iron at the bus stop and on the school bus. In 2004, graduated from Empire Beauty School and from there I specialize in working with all hair types. I opened my salon because I was a customer. I wanted to teach my friends, mothers, daughters, aunts, neighbors, and co-workers that natural hair is beautiful. I wanted to teach them to love themselves and understand what they have and that their crown kisses the sky. Lastly, I opened this salon for the full time stay at home mom who only has Sunday off, for the full time student/worker that can only give themselves a little time first thing Saturday morning, and lastly, I did this for my fellow Kings and Queens.

Sandra Florvella

CEO and founder of Haitian-Businesses.com

Sandra Florvella is the CEO and founder of Haitian-Businesses.com and Haitea. Both companies are dedicated in the growth of the Haitian community abroad and locally. A native of Cap-Haitien Haiti, Sandra Florvella moved to the United States at 15 years of age. Upon her arrival in the states more specifically in Florida, she felt the need to stay connected with her homeland… Haiti. However, she remain focus on her education. Faced with challenges of an unfamiliar environment and new culture, Sandra continued on to pursue her dreams by complet- ing her education and studying Business Administration at Lynn University. Her passion led her to work with local government in South Florida as an unforgettable Executive Administrator for the last 13 years. Throughout the years as she progresses in this field, she obtained her mas- ters degree in Public Administration and Emergency Management.

As a business woman, Sandra felt compelled to remain attached to the Haitian culture even in her career. In 2013, after noticing a lack of connectivity between Haitian owned businesses/ Professionals and the Haitian community, Sandra started a movement to promote Haitian Owned Businesses in March 2014. Today Haitian-Businesses.com is extensively popular as a bridge to connect, to promote and to support Haitian Businesses. Fulfilling the need of the community, with Haitian Businesses she has held highly effective networking events in New York, Miami and most recently in Atlanta for entrepreneurs and professionals of the Haitian community. With over 55,000 subscribers, this movement has attracted the attention of not just the Haitian community but is has also obtained the support of icons who are well known friends of Haiti such as Donna Karan, Petra Nemcova and Rohan Marley son of the great Bob Marley.

She recruited to tour the United States with a team from the Minister of Tourism in 2015 and 2016. The Roadshows during both years were an open invitation to the diaspora to experience Haiti. Her noticeable fervency to showcase Haiti led her to collaborate with Executive Director of TV hit show Expedition Unknown by the Travel Channel. She landed her expertise to the show show which focused on sharing the raw Haiti experience. The show was produced in Haiti in spring 2015. As a leader, Sandra’s achievements have garnered recognition from the Con- sulate of Haiti in Miami, Miami Caribbean Code, the Haitian Heritage Museum, Hope for Cities, Haiti Cultural Exchange, Womeneur.com and the MDC TV Show. In June 2016, she was hon- ored as a Top 20 Under 40 Young Professionals by the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of South Florida. The award was bestowed by guest of honor President of the Republic of Haiti Jovenel Moïse. Recently, she attended these highly attended events as a guest speaker Haiti Tech Summit in Montrouis Haiti, The Haitian-American Business Summit in Miami Florida and The Haitian Ladies Symposium in Washington D.C.

Sandra is currently working along side business owners and chamber of commerces of the Hait- ian community around the world as a link to keep them connected on one network. Her platform with Haitian Businesses has become a ground for inspiration, education and collaboration. Last- ly, She’s also eager to share the taste of Haiti with the rest of the work through her brand new tea company Haitea. She firmly believes in supporting Haitian Businesses as a way to strength- en the Haitian community.

Sandra Garcon, LICSW, MSW

​Founder and Psychotherapist

Sandra is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work in the state of Massachusetts. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College, a Bachelor’s degree in also in Social work, a Child Welfare Certificate and an Associate of Arts Degree from Florida Atlantic University. Sandra is currently working towards her Doctorate degree in Community Education and Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family at Liberty University.

Sandra has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2009. And in 2014, Sandra founded, The Wholeness Center, LLC (TWC) a mental health practice serving the South Shore Massachusetts community. Sandra works with children, men and women ages 5 through seniors suffering a variety of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, bipolar, substance abuse, high-risk behavioral issues, just to mention a few. Sandra provides individual, family, couple’s/marriage and group therapy. Sandra also specializing in providing Christian counseling.

Sandra is a motivational teacher who’s passionate about empowering individuals to live emotionally and psychologically healthier lives. Sandra provides clinical training and workshops in both local organizations and faith communities.

Previously, Sandra has worked in collaboration with the judicial and school systems, state agencies, law enforcement, large/small locate community organizations to better serve individuals and families for over 20 years. She provides licensure supervision. She has run Partial Hospitalization/ Dual day treatment groups and attended hundreds of hours of professional training for continued learning.

In 2012, Sandra founded a non-profit organization called A Beautiful Me, Inc, now Legacy Builders, Inc. (LB). LB helped youth develop healthy self-esteem, promote academic excellence, increase positive social skills, serve their communities, manage disruptive and unhealthy behaviors, teach life skills through use of: art, music, dance, workshops, games, field trips, movies, guest speakers, after-school/summer programs and so much more all the while having a blast!

Shaina Gilbert

Executive Director at Empowering Through Education Camp

My name is Shaina Gilbert and I am a proud Haitian-American, Boston native. I serve as an educator in the Boston Public Schools where I teach English as a Second Language to Haitian students. In 2009, I launched Empowering Through Education (ETE) Camp, a free academic, leadership camp that seeks to prepare the most vulnerable youth living in Hinche, Haiti to become the future leaders of Haiti. The camp began with 43 youth participants and after 11 consecutive summers in operation, is a sustained nonprofit that serves over 300 youth living in the community. I received my bachelor’s degrees in Public Health and in Sociology from Brandeis University and my Master’s in Education from Boston University. I look forward to continuing my work of educating and empowering Haitian youth living in both Boston and Haiti.

Stanley Bois

Founder and CEO of Hot IN RI inc

Stanley Bois is the founder and CEO of Hot IN RI inc and Hot In The World inc. Hot in RI is a magazine that covers local success, businesses, events and celebrities. His platforms covers individuals all over the world. He is know as King of the nightlife in Rhode Island. He is a professional photographer and radiographer.

Stephanie Voltaire, MPH, CHES

Public Health Professional and Entrepreneur

Stephanie Voltaire is a passionate and dedicated Public Health Professional and “Serial” Entrepreneur. She currently serves as the Community Impact Director for the American Heart Association, her work focuses on focus areas to ensure that Greater Boston residents live healthier lives. Prior to this role, she served the City of Boston for 5+ years in different roles from Program Coordinator for the Boston Public Health Commission and Program Manager for the Mayor’s Office of Food Access. Most recently in her role as Program Manager, Stephanie managed the variety of programs coming out of the Office of Food Access ensuring that all Boston residents had access to affordable and nutritious food. Her public health experience entails, Community Organizing, Health, Health Education, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Outreach, and Development. She has substantial experience in using effective theories such as adult learning theories to develop programs and training guides and manuals. Also possess experience in development, and implementation with diverse populations. As well as, facilitation of evidence-based, community-based, and Diffusion of Effective Behavior Intervention (DEBI) programs.

Experience in assessing the needs of participants and designing experiential and participatory training to meet the needs of the trainees. Currently, Stephanie serves as a Public Health Consultant within a variety of non-profit Public Health organizations ensuring successful capacity building, program development and implementation.


As a Creative and Entrepreneur Stephanie is the CEO of Voltaire Enterprises, INC., a

multi-faceted company where she manages a variety of entities under her Enterprise. She is the Creative Director of V-Lure Designs, a line of handmade bags with a goal to encourage and empower women one bag at a time. Her bags are loved by our very own Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, who owns a few. Her line includes a collection of handbags that are made in Haiti, which helps to create jobs in Haiti for young local designers and artisans. Through her love for bags Stephanie created a social creative night out for women, Sip and Paint a Bag, a creative twist to paint night where women come and paint on handbags. This event provides a therapeutic space for women of all ages. In addition, Stephanie is the CD of Voltaire Luxe Co. an event company providing full and a la carte services for social and corporate events.  Through her company she recently served as the Events Director for the inaugural Mass Black Expo which took place in Boston in October 2019!


Stephanie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Regis College and her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. When she is not busy being a Public Health Consultant and managing the different entities from her enterprise you can find her traveling the world, writing about her travels through her blog Voyaj Kreyol, trying new dishes, new restaurants, being a fashionista styling for fun, spending time with friends and family, or reading a self-empowerment book.

I am a public administration professional with 10+ years of operations leadership and community outreach experience within city government and local programs. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for communications planning, as well as for developing government relations and analyzing humanitarian issues, I have a history of contributing to organizational growth throughout my career. Professional focal points include quantitative data analysis, social media implementation & strategy, humanitarian response, public service operations, official correspondence, human

resources & payroll administration, community engagement, training & mentoring, office operations & scheduling, technology solutions, cross-functional team leadership, performance assessment,

process improvement, relationship management, and project management. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires the utilization of effective communication skills, negotiation skills, as well as systems analysis and resource management to support efficiency and maximum returns.

Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, strategic and communicative expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver results on time and under budget.

I am interested in contacting former colleagues and managers, as well as other professionals in my field. Feel free to contact me through this profile if you wish to connect.

I am a Public Health Professional with 8+ years in Community Organizing, Health, Health Education, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Outreach, Strategic Program Development and Implementation. She has substantial experience in using effective theories such as adult learning theories to develop programs and training guides and manuals. Also possess experience in development, and implementation with diverse populations. As well as, facilitation of evidence-based, community-based, and Diffusion of Effective Behavior Intervention (DEBI) programs. Experience in assessing the needs of participants and designing experiential and participatory training to meet the needs of the trainees. Currently, I serve as a Public Health Consultant within a variety of non-profit Public Health organizations ensuring successful capacity building, program development and implementation.

My colleagues describe me as driven, ambitious, team-oriented, strategic, creative, responsible and autonomous.

I am interested in consulting opportunities within the Public Health sector to apply the skills and knowledge obtained within my 8+ years in the field.. In addition, I am also interested in corporate events (conferences, expos, career fairs, galas, etc.) planning opportunities.

I am HONORED and grateful to be a FINALIST amongst so many AMAZING Haitian American Young Professionals for the 2020 Haitian American Young

Professional Awards Gala taking place on April 4th, 2020 in Boston. There are 5 categories and I am a finalist in the Young Professional of the Year category.

This past year has been such a tumultuous, yet bold, ambitious, and rewarding year for me personally and professionally. Being a finalist for this award means the world to me.

Congratulations to my fellow Finalist!

If you’re in Boston grab your tickets and come support us! #support #supportus #haitianamerican

Vanessa Jean

Principal and Founder of Powered Consulting

Vanessa Jean is the Principal and Founder of Powered Consulting, where she transforms every client’s edge into impact through targeted strategy, planning, and execution. Vanessa has an extensive background in organizational fundraising and in helping individuals and businesses leverage their resources to advance their business needs. In addition, Vanessa is working on her Masters of Public Policy in Urban Planning at Tufts University.

Vanessa was a Peace, Democracy, and Development Public Policy Fellow for UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School Center in Haiti, working at the Primature Republique d’Haiti. In this role, she planned, implemented, evaluated programs that sought to provide both immediate assistance and sustainable development initiatives in both the education and economic sector. Her work in Haiti, as well as in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, South Africa and Swaziland have given her a unique perspective in understanding the importance of leadership development and capacity building in tackling social problems. Vanessa is a strong proponent for empowering local communities to make the most of their assets and meet the challenges they face to drive social change and stimulate economic benefits.

Wanda Tima-Gilles

Co-Founder of The Haitian-American

Wanda Tima-Gilles

Wanda Tima-Gilles was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti and left as a baby where she was raised in Turks and Caicos on the beautiful island known as Grand Turk, and later moved to South Florida as a teen. After graduating from Dillard High School at the age of 16, she was inspired to apply to colleges and universities with uncertainty. Wanda became the first person in her family to earn a college degree when she graduated from Bethune-Cookman University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication.

Wanda worked for broadcast media at a Radio Station, and subsequently two television stations in Daytona and Orlando, FL. She crafted the art of entertainment and tapped into the social pulse. Excited about her heritage and with a passion to give back; on October 2011, Wanda started “L’union Suite”, a Haitian-American blog dedicated to highlighting positive and uplifting stories about Haitian living abroad from celebrities to every day heroes. For her, this was a personal project aimed to help other Haitian Americans who wanted to learn more about Haiti and its culture, who often felt disconnected from the experience.

By December 2011, Wanda co-founded “The Haitian-American” – the Facebook page quickly grew to over 100k fans while averaging 700k views weekly. In 2015, after receiving numerous emails and calls over the last 2 years from consumers and celebrities expanded on the idea and developed “L’union Haitian Professional” directory. With blogs and posts going viral everyday, she became known as the unofficial Haitian ambassador, working with the Haitian Heritage Museum, Haitian American Celebrities, Haitian hotels and even the Haitian Minister of Tourism.

Winston Pierre

Diversity Programs and Outreach Director

As Diversity Programs and Outreach Director, Winston is responsible for developing engagement pathways for community partners and managing relationships with different stakeholders. He handles all digital and external communications, liaises with Press Team; in addition to serving on different hiring and diversity committees, and assisting the Chief Diversity Officer with various tasks, including drafting letters and documents, telecommunications, and information analysis.

Winston is also responsible for coordinating a quarterly itinerating Neighborhood Career Fair Series, including recruiting employers, conducting constituent outreach, compiling data and producing reports to help to shape the City workforce diversity policy. Previously, Winston served as the Constituent Engagement and Outreach Specialist for the Mayor’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities, where he led the strategic outreach for the City’s Accessibility Priority Survey to complement the Imagine Boston 2030 plan.

Additionally, Winston spearheads the City of Boston Toastmasters Employee Resource Group and has made Boston the first municipal government in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a Toastmasters chapter. The club provides a welcoming, educational, and supportive space that empowers every participant to discover their leadership style and master the art of public speaking.

Winston sits on several advisory boards, including the Commonwealth Seminar, the Empowering People for Inclusive Communities. He also co-chairs the Massachusetts Department of Public Health — Health and Disability Partnership. He is currently competing at the IXL Center Innovation Olympics, representing Boston University’s team, where he is addressing the challenges facing minority-owned businesses in Boston and improving the diversity of the region.

He is currently pursuing a master’s in City Planning with a focus on economic development and sustainable cities at Boston University. He has recently completed the Partnership Inc. associate program, a year-long leadership development forum taught by some of the leading experts in the field of diversity and social-emotional intelligence. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. He also attended the Institute on Political Journalism and the Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems, respectively, in summers of 2014 and 2015, at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Winston is fluent in both Haitian Creole and French.

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